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The WeGo Doggo Story


One Big Heckin' Adventure!

Our story begins in New York City…

An actor and an athlete making dreams come true one day at a time. Yep, that was us. The world was our oyster and we were living life to the fullest. When we weren’t working with clients or rehearsing lines, you would usually find us out on an adventure somewhere. New York City is full of all kinds of “urban adventures”.

When we came home at night, however, something was missing… an energetic snuggle monster… a doggo! In 2016, we adopted Ellie Pickles, a special needs pup from Bideawee Animal Shelter. We found not only a new best friend, but we discovered a passion for dog rescue as well.

Then the world stopped turning...

On March 13th, 2020, our world came to a halt. The fitness studios canceled classes indefinitely, Broadway was closed until the following year and we didn’t know what was to come. The pandemic’s impact was unimaginable on our beloved city. Our parents called us and said “it’s time to come home.”

About Us - WeGo Doggo

Where is home base, you ask?

Scenic Montana!

We drove 38 hours across the country for a safe-haven with family to wait out the storm. We were unemployed and uncertain, but there was one constant that kept us smiling: our Ellie Pickles.

We started adventuring again- from Glacier National Park, fly fishing, and sailing, there was no shortage of fun activities to do with our doggo.

What we realized, however, is that the products for convenient adventures with her were limited. This led to several discussions with my parents, who just so happen to be in the business of developing and improving products for online retail companies. Innovating existing products is what they do best and this was right up their alley.

Then something magical happened...

Fast forward a few days. It was a Saturday, and one we’ll never forget. We got up that morning and went to visit my parents. This visit was different.  Our discussions about Ellie’s adventure gear soon went from, “I wish they made a (fill in the blank) that did this, to “Let’s start our own dog brand and do something about it”!

The whole family was buzzing with excitement, and the ball has been rolling ever since!

New ideas ignited left and right for innovative and quality products, products that allow you to bring your doggo with you whether you’re going camping or just walking to the nearby dog park.

We are excited to share our family business with you.

With Ellie Pickles as our Brand AmbassaDOG, we’ll be taking you on our adventures along the way!

Our mission is simple- have fun, make some money, and donate to causes we care about: Doggo’s and Kiddo’s.

About Us - Matthew, Jesse and Ellie Pickles
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