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March 19, 2021by Ellie Pickles

Bessie’s happily ever after wasn’t always in the cards.

Bessie’s Happily ever after wasn’t always in the cards. She came into our family from the French Bulldog Rescue Network which is an incredible resource for Frenchie’s in need of care. Bessie’s original name was Lyanna. She came to the French Bulldog Rescue Network from a puppy mill in Florida. After enduring years and unhealthy amounts of puppy litters, Lyanna (Bessie) was discarded in the streets, where a good Samaritan found her and brought her to a local shelter. She had an upper respiratory infection, secretions from her excessive birthing, and extreme anxiety. It was uncertain if this petite pup would make a full recovery.

Thankfully, WeGo Doggo co-founders Terry and Lori Williamson saw her on the Frenchie rescue website and took action!

“There wasn’t a question in my mind that this was our dog”- Terry.

Bessie's first day at home and then years later!Lori shared the same exact feeling. “We drove 5 hours down to Naples that same day.” The day that Bessie’s happily ever after became a reality. That was also the day Bessie got her new name! Lori was raised on a farm, and fondly remembers her dad yelling, “COME, BESSIE” to all the cattle when it was their dinnertime. Now, Bessie the dog gets the same call and comes bounding happily. Her favorite activities include snack time, romping around with her brother and sister Huckleberry and Star, and taking long luxurious naps in the sunshine. While she still takes medications for her previous skin conditions, she is otherwise healthy and happy.

Here at WeGo Doggo we believe that our pets are our family!

Bessie in sunglassesWe believe ALL dogs deserve a happily ever after. We are proud rescue dog owners, eager to spread love and light to those that need it most. Terry and Lori have had the honor of giving Bessie her happily ever after, along with her brother and sister. The same heart for rescue exists amongst our whole WeGo Doggo family, including the rescue of our ambassadoggo, Ellie Pickles. Read about the top 5 reasons to rescue your new best friend here!

It takes a special person to rescue a pet, but they rescue us a thousand times over with unconditional love and gratitude in the years that follow.  Join the We Love Doggos VIP Facebook Group, for more encouraging stories. It’s a community where we gather, encourage and celebrate the joys and victories of making the world a better place for doggos and their hoomans!
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